Just a collection of links, more or less related to Atlas. If you aren't logged in as a member, the links to CFC and Apolyton will probably display an ad page first.

Civ Community:
  • The official Civilization IV homepage
  • The forums of the CivFanatics Centre are the beating heart of the online Civ community.
  • Here you can find the thread concerning Atlas.
  • Apolyton is the second important fansite of the Civilization series.
  • There's a thread on Atlas there too.
  • Definitely check out this Map Generator for Civ2 which was my inspiration to start this project in the first place 

Other Civ Utilities and Mods
  • MapView by Gr3yHound for viewing and editing Civ4WorldBuilderSave files 
  • World Painter  by padillah, another standalone map generator for Civ4.


  • Wikipedia on 'Atlas', as a collection of maps
  • Wikipedia on the mythological Atlas
  • Atlas' map generation techniques are similar to the rules of Cellular Automata. This is a nice, if a bit psychedelic, example of a cellular automaton
  • A well known example of a cellular automaton, and a bit less painful to the eyes, is the Game of Life