Download Atlas version 0.43 here
Quick guide to install and play your Atlas maps:
  • Download the zip package from the link at the top of this page
  • Unzip the package to some temporary directory, you can delete it later
  • Double-click on the setup file and follow the instructions
  • Start the program by going to Start->Programs->Atlas Map Generator
  • Mess with the controls until you have generated a map you like
  • Press 'Save' to name and save your map
  • Start Civilization 4 by pressing the 'Start Civ' button
  • Click Single player, Play Scenario, and choose your map
  • The rest should be obvious

Limitations and troubleshooting
- Note that you need Java Runtime Environment 1.5 to run this program. This can be downloaded for free here
- The installer unfortunately only works if your Windows is English. If you have a non-English Windows version, please refer to the readme file.
- Warning! The fact that Atlas allows you to generate maps of up to 400x400, does not mean that you or anyone else will be able to play on such gigantic maps!!
- If you get an error or you can't get the program to run: Please let me know!
- Atlas has not been tested sufficiently on Linux or Macintosh platforms.