Monday, November 15, 2010

The next version?

I have been working on the next version of the Atlas map generator on several occasions since the last official release in 2006. But too many cycles of (1) starting from scratch (2) programming some stuff (3) then coming up with some new ideas or reconsidering something old, and (4) again starting from scratch undermined my motivation. Still, I have made some progress since version 0.43. My half-finished versions all have nicer interfaces with pretty icons, resource display and mouseover info. Also it allows you to load maps, crop maps, delete and place individual continents, and other stuff you couldn't do before. 

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Unfortunately there are also plenty of old features that aren't  implemented in the new version, such as rivers, start locations and a lot of the terrain options. That's still a lot of work to do and that's why 0.5 still hasn't been released. Meanwhile my preferred programming language changed from Java to Python, which doesn't help either. And Civ 5 has been released, so should I add compatibility for hexes? If I do that, I might as well add the functionality to create maps for Heroes of Might and Magic, or Simcity 4.... Start over once more or finish what I was working on?

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